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Cost of recording music in Nairobi

How much will all this cost you recording in our studios? 

At Tune iO, we accommodate every artist by offering the most affordable music production services in Nairobi. One thing in music recording is that every project is different. Thus, we put a standard hourly rates on some projects, but how long a project will take and how much it will cost will depend largely on the artist, the genre, the size of the band and how professional the musicians are. Our norm is, before we give you a music recording price, we prefer to sit with the client and figure the budget out and the client expectations before we quote on anything – this is our way to ensure that you get exactly what you are paying for. So please give us a call, come visit, or send a mail for more info. 

Please Note: All large bookings may qualify for a discount on studio time.

Affordable Music Studio in Nairobi

Tune iO Studios is one of the most affordable Music Studio in Nairobi. We specialize in sound design and music recording and can meet all of your audio needs. We work with some of the most talented music producers, engineers, and personnel that will handle all of your sessions to your satisfaction. Recording, mixing, music production, sound design, voice over, and green screen filming are all part of the projects we handle for our clients. 

We provide more than simply a decent recording in order to make all of this possible. We provide a first-rate studio and industry knowledge at incredibly affordable recording rates. The service includes assistance with artistic choices, live performances, and showcases, as well as access to high-quality CD reproduction and inlay design services through our network of contacts.

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