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Best Music Recording & Mixing Services in Nairobi

This music recording studio, which is located in Nairobi, is ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality recording experience with a personalized touch. This studio provides services like songwriting, production, mixing, mastering, voiceover and sound effect recording, as well as audio mastering for movies and television. Tune iO Music Studio will give you an experience you won’t soon forget thanks to its skilled team of producers. Tune iO is the best Music Recording & Mixing Services in Nairobi. We are a music recording studio in Nairobi that give best music recording services in Nairobi City.

Our Services

Our music recording studio are especially designed to reveal the most intimate audio quality production. Mixing is the art of merging the many sonic parts of recorded and pre-recorded audio into a final form – Our music studio specializes in this art to bring out the quality out of your work.

We offer quality music recording services to local voice actors and bands. Whatever your needs are for recording, we can assist. We work with speed to provide you with your finished song within time so you can have fun sharing your art with the public and fans.

We offer premier audio mastering services to regional and international production firms. Our mastering suite is embraces greatest level of digital mastering art that is acoustically constructed to give a great outcome.

Music Industry Consulting: 
Professional music recording services available on-site for any application. You’re there trying to figure out how to break into the music industry or how to monetize your current music, right? Just give us a call and we will explain everything.

Music composition:
Music producers’ unsung heroes may very well be the music composers. We work with very talented music composers and song writers that will put your art on the map. Don’t struggle with writing lyrics especially  if you don’t have the time to, let our team do that for you. They’ll take the work and put together musical notations from beginning to end.

Sound Design:
We can help bring to life whatever you can imagine, whether it’s post production for a movie or a music track that needs a louder sound. With the help of our extensive sampling expertise and software synthesizer collection, we can produce almost countless sounds and effects.

We work with some of the best voice over artists in Kenya, we can generate an absolutely a high quality voice over for your advert, song or video montage to create a whole new feeling in your project. We also have all the top-notch mics and outboard gear you could possibly need for your voiceover. Tune iO is the best recording studio in Nairobi that give best gospel music recording services in Nairobi City.

Best Music Production Services

Corporate AVs, TVCs, radio commercials,jingles etc.

Music albums, singles,YouTube covers, independent song production

Feature films, short films, e-books, e-learning for background score.

Gospel Recording Music Studio in Nairobi

Tune iO is the leading gospel music recording studio in Nairobi that daily provides Kenyans and the rest of the world with dazzling new gospel hip-hop/contemporary music, videos, music content, and motivational lifestyle articles by showcasing outstanding artists and their works from the quickly expanding Kenyan music industry. Tune iO was established in 2021 and has since become one of the most popular gospel recording music studio in Nairobi. East African gospel music and lifestyle promotion is a goal of Tune iO Studio in Nairobi. Tune iO is the best Gospel Recording Music Studio in Nairobi. We are a music recording studio in Nairobi that give best gospel music recording services in Nairobi City.

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