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Best music recording studio in nairobi Kenya

Modern music studio in Nairobi

Tune iO Studios is a Modern music studio in BuruBuru Nairobi and was founded by JO 2 years ago as a result of the frustrations he met as an artist while recording in other studios in Nairobi. After a long search of ideal studio to record his music, a studio where all artists are treated equally, affordable music studio that recognizes the needs of an artist, JO decided to go it his own way and provide an ideal studio that has it all. 

Tune iO Studios houses talented musicians, song composers, writers and voiceover artists all in one of Nairobi’s central locations, Buruburu – which is an ideal peaceful neighborhood for music production and centrally placed for ease of access from all parts of Nairobi City. This makes us one of the best modern music recording studio in Nairobi Kenya.

Best music recording studio for all.

Tune iO Studios has become home to a group of highly talented and professional sound engineers, producers, and artists known as ‘The Tune Crew’ over the last one year. Our outstanding team has been one of the studio’s most defining characteristics, as we continue to bring great enthusiasm and professionalism to every individual and artist who record with us.

Tune iO Studios is a full-service audio pre- and post-production facility that specializes in quality final mixes, voice overs, music recording, mixing, and mastering services in Nairobi. When coming to work with us on your musical and audio project, one thing is certain,  we will meet all of your needs. For musicians, we can create, produce, record, remix, and master your music in just about any style, whether you’re a full-fledged band with everything in place or a solo artist without songs. 

“From my point of view, the Kenyan music industry will only grow to the degree that young independent artists are helped and pointed in the right direction. The ability to record broadcast-quality content at a reasonable price allows more artists to compete in an industry where a simple demo is simply no longer sufficient, which in turn opens up unlimited possibilities in terms of career development, etc. The musician has the option to join a major label once he or she is on the path to a successful music career or to stay independent both inside and outside of Kenya. That is the reason I mobilized fellow like-minded individuals to start Tune iO Studios.”  JO

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