Best Music Recording Studio in Nairobi Kenya


Best Music Recording Studio in Nairobi Kenya

Tune iO is one of the Best Music Recording Studios in Nairobi Kenya. We work with seasoned producers in Nairobi to bring out the best out of every music recording, mixing, and mastering work that we do. Our work includes podcast creation, Final Mix & Voice-overs for film, television, and radio, as well as in-studio and live music recording and production for solo artists, bands, and orchestras. Also, our prowess in production makes us a preferred choice for many when it comes to creating jingles and music scores for radio, movies, and television.

In our Music Recording Studio in Nairobi, we handle dubbing, string sessions, and music production projects. Our facility boast of a great ambience  that inspires creativity and has the ideal fusion of technology and flawless acoustics. Coming over for long sessions? We have a spacious parking lot and are located near several cafés for your refreshment, and good peaceful neighborhood for your peace of mind.

From music composition, recording to mixing and mastering, we are equipped to meet all of your audio production and creative demands.

Best music recording services in Nairobi

Tune iO pushes all boundaries to be one of the top music studios in Nairobi providing the best music recording services in Nairobi. We aim to be a significant player in Nairobi’s audio and digital media sector and music creation for years to come. Our aim is to provide quality music recording services to all our customers across Kenya and East Africa. 

The name Tune iO means a blend of latest Technology and great music tunes that go beyond a particular niche. Through technology and music creativity, we are out to discover new sounds, blend old and new sounds, fuse and mix various African sound to create extremely awesome tunes that lasts a lifetime.

Founded by J.O,  an inspired Kenyan artists, our studio is certainly designed to cater for every of an artist. We value the freedom-loving aspects of music creation, and we are happy to welcome all artists, established and growing, to visit us and work together for a positive environment for music in Kenya and create Great musical tunes that live to tell our stories.

In the quiet neighborhoods of Buruburu Nairobi, a location distinguished by its unique quietness and peace, Tune iO prides to have the right footing in having an ideal music making environment and a recording facility. We are set up to produce high-quality sounds that give value for money to the artists and businesses who seek our services. Our seasoned music engineers will work with you to attain the greatest results for your project. WELCOME.

Best Music Recording Studio Atmosphere

Music recording atmosphere and “feel” in a studio, in my opinion, are more crucial than anything else. Yes, you need quality tools and all the knowledge and expertise you can get, but if the artist is miserable and uncomfortable while working on his masterpiece, none of that matters. At Tune iO, we focus on the room acoustics, clean environment and courtesy, which are some of the most crucial aspects of a good atmosphere to give our artists the right environment while creating their art. – By J.O

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